Friday, March 5, 2010

Software for Storychasing

Do you have to just use Photo Story or iMovie [for a Storychaser project]? Could we use Movie Maker?

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Storychasers can use any available software program to create a video. In our 2.5 day phase 1 workshop for teachers, we use:

  1. Audacity to create the audio track
  2. PhotoStory3 or iMovie to combine photos with the audio
Windows MovieMaker can also be used, along with the recently released Windows MovieMaker Live.

Audacity will run on basically any computer. (Older versions may be required for older systems.)

WindowsXP is required for PhotoStory3 and Windows MovieMaker. Windows Vista or Windows 7 is required for MovieMaker Live.

iMovie runs on Apple / Macintosh computers.

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